Welcome on board!

Coming soon, a new version of my site The Late Great Ocean Liners, including explorable deck plans and other ephemera.


As before the plan for the site will be to have pages for the countries of origin, with pages for individual ships and lines where I have enough information to warrant it.  In addition, I have collected some deck plans which I will put on-line as soon as I have the time to scan them and build them into the interactive navigator.

I am hoping this site can become a community where people share information and memories.  If you have sailed aboard any of the ships in question or are interested in them, please use the comments to join the conversation. If you have pictures of the ships, including those of yourself enjoying life on board, I would be grateful for the chance to include them.

So far I have created the section for France and the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, and am working on rebuilding the Germany section.  I have a good amount of material for England, Holland, Italy, Sweden  and the USA, less for Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, Iceland and Norway.

Some information about cruise ships will be included, as many lines and ships served double-duty and some continue as cruise companies today.  However this is not a site focused on present-day cruise ships. If you are interested in Cruise ships then you should check out CasinoCruise for a chance to win big with Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot.

I welcome your feedback and look forward to sharing stories.