Welcome on board!

Welcome aboard folks!

I’m delighted to introduce you to Late Great Liners.com.

The internet is a gigantic sea awash with all kinds of information, but the small island you’ve stumbled upon here is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: honoring and remembering the finest ships in history.


Fuelled by a passion for nautical vehicles, maritime travel, aquatic architecture, and marvellous engineering work, I decided to set up Late Great Liners as a sort of love letter to the greatest ships, boats, and liners ever constructed – paying testament to both historic and modern models.

Here you’ll find comprehensive information pages covering a wide variety of different boats from top to bottom. These profiles will include the history of the ships, who designed them, why they were assembled, the purposes they served, the facilities on board, and the personnel who populated them during sea voyages – from the captain to the members of the crew.

In order to make the Late Great Liners easy to navigate, I’ll also be setting up category pages for each country around the world. This will enable visitors to click on a particular country and be presented with a list of ships that were built there, or have links to, that specific nation.

I am hoping the site will grow into something even bigger in time – ideally a community where fellow ship enthusiasts can come together to discuss history’s most wonderful nautical achievements and journeys. I want to make the site as colourful as possible too, and I actively encourage anyone who has been on board a fantastic ship – old or new – to send in any images they may wish to share. These can be pictures captured with old photography equipment, digital high-resolution images taken during tours, cruises and holidays, or ship-related portraits/artwork. With your help, Late Great Liners can become the main web-based docking point for all the information and imagery on great ships that anyone could possibly need.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Late Great Liners or would like to contribute to the site, please feel free to get in touch whenever you like. All you need to do is head on over to the contact page. Simply fill in your details, hit send, and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Some information about cruise ships will be included, as many lines and ships served double-duty and some continue as cruise companies today.  However this is not a site focused on present-day cruise ships. If you are interested in Cruise ships then you should check out Casino Cruise free spin for a chance to win big with Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot.

I’ll bid you bon voyage with a sincere thank you for visiting Late Great Liners. I hope you have as much fun looking around the site as I have had building it.