Hacked By: Ibraheem Allan

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|.:.|This site was hacked to deliver a message about the suffering of the Palestinian people to the largest possible number of the world In Palestine kill the baby because he is an Arab and raped Virgin to be Muslim and arrested because he is a Palestinian alum And plundering the earth because he is an Arab Ellis of the Palestinians' right to live with dignity on their own land !!! Why do you stand with the occupier and owner of the land did you leave Palestinian is the owner of the land Where he was born and where he lived and will die Zionist and came from a strange country in order to occupy the land that is not his land Not only that, they are the worst kinds of killings against Palestinians Just write in the Google search engine Mohammed al-Dura and see to Qasawh scene A child who burned other Hua Today Jews killed our organization leader Ibrahim declaration Aanh defending their land Any right to kill the owner of the land !!! How long will this silence Demonstrated in the streets of Palestine is Palestine need your voices|.:.|